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Windscreen Repair Newcastle

A windscreen being repaired

At Windscreen Replacement Newcastle Pro, we ensure that your car protects you and that your family is riding in a safe vehicle. We only use the best windscreen repair products to ensure that drivers of all ages can enjoy a safer journey.
As a business, we have been running for many years and have built up an enviable reputation in providing quality services to our customers. If your windscreen has been hit or smashed, don’t feel it is unsafe to drive on, call us for expert advice from one of our helpful team members. Our aim is always to get you back on the road as soon as possible while ensuring your safety comes first. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment so that we can meet even the most demanding windscreens.


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    The benefits of getting a windscreen repair rather than a replacement

    A windscreen repair, of course, is much cheaper than a windscreen replacement. A good quality repair of your damaged windscreen will keep the crack or chip from getting bigger and will provide you with a few years’ services until the next scheduled replacement.
    Windscreens do not have an infinite lifespan and eventually need to be replaced, but a repair can save you money by extending this lifespan.

    A Car Windcsreen Being Replaced

    Why is Windscreen repair Important?

    Windscreen repair will be necessary if your windscreen is cracked, chipped or has a bullseye crack. If the crack is bigger than 10 cm or runs to the edge of the screen, a professional should replace it as soon as possible. Replacing a damaged windscreen is much more cost-effective than fitting a new windscreen.

    Replacement Of Windcsreens Ongoing

    Don't wait too long – it's illegal!

    Drivers are required to have their windscreens repaired within seven days after damage has occurred or as soon as possible if they are badly damaged or cracked on one side. Drivers should also ensure all repairs meet legal safety guidelines. So if it’s been more than seven days since an accident happened, don’t put it off any longer, as it could result in a hefty fine.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Windscreen Replacement Newcastle Pro, we exercise the utmost professionalism in our job. We aim to save you money by fixing your windscreen instead of replacing it.
    Our professional services include fast & convenient mobile windscreen replacement, use of only the finest quality materials and experienced workmanship at very affordable prices.
    Windscreen Replacement Newcastle Pro is the name you need to remember if you ever find yourself in need of any kind of car glass repairs or replacements. You’ll also like our service because we offer one of the most affordable rates around Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs, including Maitland, Newcastle, et cetera.


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      The Windscreen Repair Company in Newcastle

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